Dr. Teresa Juetten

Dr. Juetten

I am the product of an Air Force career officer and his WWII British war- bride. I grew up in Mesa and have worked in Scottsdale since 1974. I started out training Arabian and other horses at McCormicK Ranch Stables (back when Pima and Shea were gravel roads). I began working at the original Quartz Mountain Animal Hospital in 1976 as a kennel cleaner, then as a certified veterinary technician as I worked my way toward a Bachelor of Science degree from ASU’s School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. I received my doctorate from Colorado State University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1985. I’ve worked as a small animal practitioner since then and as of July 2005, purchased Animal Hospital at Terravita from its previous corporate owners. I enjoy all aspects of general medicine and surgery. My special interests include dermatology (eradicating ear infections; allergic itchy skin), Valley Fever, dentistry, tumors, and fractious, frightened felines (trying to soothe upset cats). I am also dedicated to working with pet owners to optimize and maximize the lifespans of their beloved pets, starting in a puppy or kitten’s youth and continuing through their late teen years. It’s a wonderful thing to be a part of pet’s and their human family members’ development over the years. I have an elderly cat and a young cat, and was able to maximize my dear dog’s lifespan (and fun) despite his having had severe inherited heart disease. My mission in life is to do good in the world. I am blessed, as a veterinarian, to be able to earn a living while helping pets and the people who love them. I really love people of all ages, from children, whom I feel should be nurtured, to the elderly, whose knowledge and wisdom have truly enriched my life. My non-medical interests include travel (domestic and foreign – especially to historic sites), walking, biking, scuba diving, parasailing, reading, movie going and working on houses for Habitat for Humanity. So many times over the years, I’ve been struck by the powerful positive effect pets have on our personal lives. It will be my great pleasure to serve as your pet’s personal doctor. Please feel welcome to come in to meet me and my dedicated staff. We look forward to being a great help to you and your family for many years to come!